Our Cooperation Partners

HWP Hölscher-Winkler Partnerschaft

Steuerberater Wirtschaftsprüfer – Berlin (tax advisers and auditors)

We work in close cooperation with HWP Hölscher-Winkler Partnerschaft (partnership), operating from the same premises and also specialising in consulting and advising medium-sized enterprises in the fields of auditing and tax advice.


Dr. York-Gero von Amsberg

Lawyer – Berlin

We have an ongoing cooperation with Dr. York-Gero von Amsberg, a lawyer who, following his employment at the legal department of an international company, now works exclusively in the field of copyright and trademark law, as well as intellectual property rights (national and international), with a particular regional focus on China and India.

JPA Audit AG

Berlin/Bonn/München/Frankfurt a. M.

Our law firm cooperates with JPA Audit AG across Germany, permitting us to draw upon an established global network of companies working in the fields of auditing and tax consultancy, available  in 22 countries.


HPB Hanseatische Prüfungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH


In northern Germany we also cooperate with the tax consultancy HPB Hanseatische Prüfungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH which focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises.